A Haven for Young Artists

Nestled in the heart of Quezon City, Art Camp Bezalel is a quaint turf for artists who spend days on end niftily crafting various unique masterpieces. Our aspiring Picassos artfully brush graceful strokes against textured canvasses, seeing to it that every hue, speck and shape emanates some kind of inspiration to the work of art as a whole. Under our roof lie colorful tables and chairs with blotches of paint, our various products-in-the-making, as well as multiple huge paintings of our youngins. Exactly a door away from that room is our store, embellished with a small portion resembling a café with old-world tables and chairs, wherein guests and artists alike could chat over mouthwatering pastries that we sell. The main attraction of our store, however, are the shelves carrying different kinds of merchandise, concocted by our army of dexterous creative hands.

Art Camp Bezalel is more than an “art school”.

While we do teach kids painting, drawing and crafts – we believe that our greater mission is in nurturing creativity and building basic developmental skills. Art has therapeutic properties that help build motor skills, brain development and helps with their emotional well being.

Thank you for visiting – stay tuned as we will have new and exciting updates to come!