Bezalel Store

The Art Camp Bezalel Arts and Crafts Store is an outgrowth of the school,  setup as a response to parents of students who wished to let their children do arts and crafts activities at home.  The store’s wide range of products include arts and crafts materials and supplies,  such as canvases, paints, and brushes, children’s furniture, hand painted containers and Art Camp Bezalel’s own art kits.

The different art kits found in the store include children’s furniture to be painted on and toys that kids could playfully assemble themselves.  The art kits come with all the materials needed,  which may include:  paint, brushes, beads, mosaic chips and glue.  They come with instructions that are easy to follow,  such as with the Paint by Numbers series of art kits.

Adults and older children will also be delighted to find basic art materials for their creative projects.