Standard Workshops

Beginners Workshop (3-5 years old)

This is where children start off in the art world. Realizing the special learning needs of young students, we focus on fine motor skills- specifically eye-hand coordination. They are taught the basic strokes of using the brush in a repetitive manner, and in a language they are able to understand and remember the steps as they would their ABC’s. We intend to partner with the parents in developing foundations in your young child’s artistic skills.

Beginners Workshop (6 years old and up)

We offer an art class where people can start from scratch. Drawing skills are not required to start painting and so, we start our students off with acrylic painting- basic brush strokes on various surfaces. Our goal is to help people who think they have no art skills to find their inherent capacity to imagine, create, and enjoy what art has to offer.


Advanced Workshop I

The student will first be exposed to master painters’ pieces and will have a better understanding of composition and rendering by copying their work using acrylic paint as medium on canvas. Basic drawing is another goal of this course. The student may continuously take this module until the student is confident enough to move to another module or as recommended by the teacher.

Advanced Workshop II

The student moves on to creating things out of his/her own imagination. On top of establishing originality, we are also able to pinpoint the student’s weaknesses and work on them.

Advanced Workshop III

The student now learns to draw what they see. We also teach students to add color to these drawings and fine-tune their work according to their own satisfaction. They also learn how to use oil, pastel, pencils, pens, watercolor.

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