Kids Classes

Motor Development Class

Between the ages 2 to 5 years old, children usually make rapid progress in developing motor skills. For instance children start to have strength in their hands and fingers which enables them to hold a pencil correctly and begin writing activities.

With our experience it has been proven many times haow many arts and crafts have helped our students ages 3 & above, develop or improve their fine motor skills. We have also observed children undergoing speech therapy and taking our art program improve their speech with great progress as shared with us by their parents and teachers.

Because of its encouraging results Art Camp Bezalel now has a program for ages 2 to 5. The goal of this program is to give your child Stimulating Activities which focus on Fine Motor Development.



Basic Drawing Class

This workshop teaches students how to use geometrics and different shading techniques to bring their drawings to life. Using basic shapes like circles to draw teacups or cylinders to draw buckets helps to give the images depth and dimensions. Students will use these techniques to sketch basic household items like bowls, bottles and jars before moving on to more difficult subjects like animals, scenery and the human figure.



Fashion Illustration Class

Students learn the basics of how to draw the human body, with special emphasis on the face, hair, hands, and feet. This is followed with lessons on how to draw common designs of bags, belts, collars, cuffs, fabric draping and necklines. The next step is learning how to create patterns such as floral, stripes, checkered by copying them from books and magazines. Finally, they will learn how to use inking pens, watercolor and coloring pencils to color clothes to make them appear to have different textures and colors.